By: Willow H.

I hate moving more than I hate my little sister, That's saying a lot. Every year, my mom says the same thing, “This year I will get a job, I promise.” She even pinky promises, so she should buy me a bunch of Cokes. 

Anyway, today she told us to come with her to one of her job interviews. She was hoping to get the job at a creepy hotel down the street from our apartment. When we walk in, Mom gives us a whole speech. 

“Lilah and Lucy, you two be good,” she says, but I don't care about that. This hotel gives me an eerie feeling. There's cobwebs on the ceiling and it feels like the floorboards could fall under our feet at any minute.

When we go up to the front desk, the lady there is just staring into space. 

Soon after my mom snaps, she looks at us and greets us in a robot sounding voice.

“Hello ma’am, I’m here for the interview with Mr. Coffin,” Mom says in a sassy tone. 

All I can think right now is “Why is his last name is Coffin?” but the robot lady lets us in.


My mom tells us to go explore. So Lucy and I run downstairs and find the lady at the front desk staring at us with pitch black eyes. We run upstairs to tell our mom but she doesn't believe us. 

We drag her downstairs, but the black-eyed lady is helping a customer, and has normal eyes. 

“Please Mom, don't take this job,” Lucy pleaded. She walked away back to her interview.

As soon as she left, the woman stared right back at us. Eyes blacked and everything. We run. Far, far away until we find our apartment. 

We both know what will happen when Mom gets home.

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