By: Jaclyn M.

How to Name your Pet rock:

Before you do anything, your rock needs a name! Your rock could have a simple name like Rocky, or you could switch things up with a unique name, like Diamond. Make sure it suits your rock.

  • Be creative, and maybe name your rock after its appearance.  For example, if it has a yellowish tint to it, you might call it Sunny or Dandelion. Or if it is white, you might call it Crystal or Snowflake. 

  • You could also name your rock after a character from a movie or show.

  • You should also decide your rock’s "gender" if it is not nonbinary. If you can't decide, then you could choose a name first to help.

  • If you are stumped, baby name sites are great inspiration. Just Google "baby names,"  there will be hundreds of ideas to look through. You could also search for the most popular baby names,  unique baby names, names that start with a certain letter,  or add a gender to find more specific names.

  • Can’t decide on just one?  Create a list of your top picks, then narrow it down. It might also help to test out a few, try saying “ come (possible name)” or “sit (possible name).” If you still can’t decide, you could always give your rock a middle name and a last name, or a nickname!


Pet Rocks do not have mouths, so they eat by using their other senses. To feed your rock, you could play some nice music, print or draw a pretty picture, let them smell your food etc.


Pet Rocks enjoy a range of activities, which include: watching TV, watching movies, playing the Nintendo switch, listening to stories, listening to poems, watching games, being tossed around, being hidden & found, & much much much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can also make toys for your rock (see “accessories” for instructions).


1. Fill a bowl with warm water.

2. Add some soap

3. Put your rock in the water, then let him/her sit for 1 hour.

4. Then let your rock dry in the sun or overnight.



Put your rock on the ground and tell it to “sit.” Rocks are great at this, and your rock should sit for quite a while!

Play dead:

After your rock has perfected sit, then play dead is easy. Simply instruct “play dead.” And it will. Rocks are so good at this, that you cannot even see them breathing!


Your rock might have a little trouble with this one, so be patient. First tell your rock to sit. Then, while saying “stay” and pointing at it, take a step back. If your rock has stayed, give it encouragement, then again, saying “stay,” take another step back. Repeat as necessary. Don’t forget the occasional “good rock.”


With your rock in the sit position, stand a few steps away from your rock. Then say things like “come,” “come here,” and “come (your rock’s name).” While talking, make encouraging gestures with your hands and take a step forward. Every time you say “come,” step forward, and in just a few easy steps, your pet rock will have come to your feet. Pick it up and tell it what a “good rock” it has been.

Roll over:

This is one of the hardest tricks to teach. Put your rock in the sit position, then tell it to “roll over.” If it does not roll, then say it a bit firmer, and give it a small nudge with your foot (purely for reinforcement of the message). If you are firm enough, your rock should roll.


Say, in a firm voice, “jump (your rock’s name).” If your rock is stubborn and will not jump, try giving your rock a small upward push. You will find that your rock has jumped. 

You can also teach “jump” by putting your rock on his/her leash that you made (see “accessories” for instructions), then tug the leash gently upward.


Say, in a firm voice, “spin (your rock’s name).” If your rock is stubborn and will not spin, try giving your rock a small sideways push. You will find that your rock has spun. 

You can also teach “spin” by putting your rock on his/her purchased leash (see “accessories” for instructions), then twirl the leash around you.


1. Toss a toy for your rock (see “accessories” for instructions).

2. Say in a firm voice “fetch (your rock’s name).” and toss your rock towards the toy.

3. Although, your rock will probably be stubborn and will not bring the toy back; this is normal.


you now have a trained rock!



Give your rock a bath at least every 1 - 2 months or whenever he/she looks a bit dirty. (See “bathing” for instructions).


Make sure to feed your rock twice a day.


Pull your rock around the house at least once every 2  weeks with a leash that you can make (see “accessories” for instructions). And run through commands weekly (or even daily!) to give your rock a good workout.

Mental health:

Make sure your rock gets to be outside at least 30 minutes a day as rocks like visiting their natural habitat. If this is not possible, then an hour by a window works, too. But, if at all possible, outside is best.


1. For toys, you can make little chew/enrichment toys out of pipe cleaners; marbles/round wooden beads make great balls!

2. For leashes, simply take a long piece of string, and wrap one end around your rock, pull it tight, then tie a knot.

3. For headphones, simply mold a pipe cleaner over your rock, and twist the ends.

Special events:

Here are some special events you can hold for your rock:

Spa day:

1. Add dried flower petals and a little bubble mix into some hot water.

2. Massage your pet rock! Rub her/him with Vaseline or baby oil. 


1. Invite some friends, whether they have pet rocks or not. If they don't, you may wish to surprise them with some.

2. Grab some of your favorite snacks, and feed your pet rock, as well. Remember, the rocks use senses other than taste!

3. You could even watch a movie with your rocks!

4. When it's time to go to sleep, bring your pet rock's bed with you in your sleeping bag. 

Birthday party:

1. If you remember the day you received your pet rock, a birthday party is a great way to celebrate each year that you and your pet spend together.

2. Make a special meal for you and your rock. Keep in mind, it cannot eat your food.

3. Maybe play a game.

4. If some of your friends have pet rocks, you could even help your rock host their own birthday party, and invite your friend’s rocks!

For more ideas, check out:

Enjoy your new pet!

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