By: Kylie J.

Oh, music, my beloved muse

 You astonish me with your elegance

 Amaze me with your poetry in every single verse

You are the epitome of beauty

 Your tone floods and enriches every moment

 Take my emotions from within and twirl and contort them into new feelings

 So once again my muse, hold me tight in your siren tune and encase me in your lyrics like how lovers hold each other like their life depends on it

Cradle me like the stars and the moon

 Embrace me like how the rain caresses the clouds

 Fill me up with emotions like the glass is half full

 Your voice guiding me like the wind guiding the leaves on a cold autumn breeze

Killing the bitter quietness of the cold world

 It’s a privilege to hear you

 And I wish to know and love you till my last breath departs

Kill me with the energy shooting through the chords

More energy than a thousand thunderstorms

Continue to perceive the depths of my soul

 You are so incoherently beautiful that words can’t truly describe all that I see in you

 So, music, my beloved muse, leave a mark even after I’m long gone, immortalized by it.

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