By: Maggie E.

If you are a dog owner I know that at least once you have looked at your dog and thought, “How did you get so cute?”. Everyone just assumes they were just born adorable, and although that is part of it, that is not all of it.

Dogs have evolved to be able to mimic the facial expressions of their owners. When dogs do this, it gives them almost a child-like expression which makes us fall in love with them even more. When they make these expressions, it almost makes them seem like a baby as well. When we look at them it gives us the same feeling as seeing a baby. We think they look super cute and cannot keep our eyes off of them.

Kinderschema is related to how many young creatures have similar appearances which we have just evolved to find adorable. Characteristics such as big eyes and adorable little noses just draw humans in because we find them so cute, and dogs in particular have these qualities.

Do you ever notice that you get really happy whenever you are around your dog? This is because of a chemical called dopamine getting released to your brain. When humans see something that is super cute and adorable this chemical, dopamine, gets released into the brain, and overall just makes us really happy, and kinda makes things even cuter because you just want to squeeze them and tell them how cute they are.

Seeing something so small, young, and innocent almost makes us feel inclined to help it, and almost like it is our responsibility to take care of it. So when we see a puppy that is so little, and maybe it cannot even walk yet, we just find it irresistible because we want to take care of it, just like a baby.

So the next time you are telling their dog how cute they are, remember what made them so cute and see if you recognize anything they are doing to make you want to squeeze them even more.

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