By: Wren H.

For this piece, I interviewed Jayden H., a volunteer at the Kennesaw State University History and Holocaust Museum. Enjoy a transcript of our interview below:

Wren H: “What exactly is the Kennesaw State University History and Holocaust Museum?”

Jayden H: “It’s an amazing museum that is dedicated to the history of World War II and the Holocaust.”

Wren H: “What do you do at the museum?”

Jayden H: “Well for the two hours every week I volunteer there I do the smaller tasks like working on some of the tasks for their events as well as working with emailing other schools and bigger things like transcribing interviews and many other things.”

Wren H: “How long have you worked there?”

Jayden H: “I’ve been volunteering there for over a year and a half but It’s been part of my life much longer. They do these events once a month for homeschoolers to come and learn about a bunch of topics about World War II and the Holocaust.”

Wren H: “What is one part you most enjoy about working at the museum?”

Jayden H: “I enjoy spending time with the people that work there. I've become friends with most of them.”

Wren H: “So I’ve heard you made an exhibit for them, what was it about and how did you make it?”

Jayden H: “I made a digital exhibit about the Resistance on both the West and East front during World War II, and for how I made it first I found a software which lets you make VR exhibits and then I built different slides and information plaques and I built it in the style of the museum so it looked like it belonged there.”

Wren H: “What have you learned while working at the museum?”

Jayden H: I found my love for history and especially educating others and I also found a love for archival work.”

If you want more information on the museum visit their website: Museum of History and Holocaust Education (

Thank you for reading this Lime Green Giraffe article and thank you to Jayden H for his support and participation in this interview!

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