By: Leroy V.

When feeling bored, there are numerous options to help pass the time. But I am here today to tell you 10 fun things that will surely cure your boredom.


Karaoke is a great way to pass the time and have fun with the family. Just sing your heart out to some Disney hits and the boredom is sure to vanish.

At Home Spa

An at home spa is a great way to relax. Pullout your favorite bathrobe, some nail polish, and put on a relaxing playlist. 

Arts & Crafts

This is the perfect thing to do when you are bored. You make something or paint. Art has endless possibilities. 


Now, some people think reading is such a bore. I believe if you have the right book, you could be roped into it in seconds. This is also a great opportunity to get another book off your reading list.


You could go into your kitchen and make all sorts of yummy treats. From a batch of warm cookies, to an iced cake. Just think of all the new recipes you could create.

No Phones

You can unplug all your devices and go for a run. Or a fun family activity. It's always good to have some screen detox time.

Outdoor Activities

You could go for a walk, or even a bike ride or a hiking in your local park. Get out there and soak up that sunshine!


A good cleaning could always be done in your room. Making the bed, vacuuming the floor, and dusting while you jam out to your music is always lots of fun. You might even find things you've lost. Cleaning is almost like a treasure hunt.

Movie Marathon

You can catch up on your favorite movies, or even binge shows with friends. Grab some popcorn, blankets, and your favorite PJs to get cozy. 


When it gets dark, you lay a blanket on the lawn and gaze at the stars. You could even make a fun game out of naming the constellations! 

Game Night

Another fun way to chase away your boredom is to have family game night. You can have the best time playing a game of cards, or getting competitive with a round of Candy Land. 

Well, I hope these ideas can cure your boredom. 

Thanks for reading!

Sources = Happy Homemaker

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