By: Lei’Lani J.

Girl Scout badges are a great way to outwardly display a skill learned and mastered. Badges have no age minimum or limit! There are badges for building a number of skills. There are badges for Outdoor, STEM and Life Skills. Want to know how to earn a badge and which badges are totally worth it?

I think earning a badge is super fun! First, decide what you would like to learn or what you enjoy doing. Next, access the Girl Scout website and search for badges by grade level or interest. Did you know Girl Scouts used to offer badges based on good grooming, being a dairy maid or learning folk dancing? 

All Girl Scout badges are super awesome. However, these are some of the top badges that I think are totally worth earning.

Two of the best Outdoor badges are the Art Apprentice and Animal Helpers badges. The Art Apprentice badge mixes a calm and relaxing atmosphere of exploring or designing natural outdoor art. There are so many ways to be creative and earn this badge. You can even be a nature photographer. 

The Animal Helpers badge connects humans and animals while learning how animals can provide safety mechanisms and emotional support to humans.

As the world advances in technology, what better way to prepare by earning a STEM badge. Cybersecurity, Digital Movie Maker, and Robotics are very popular. How fun would it be to crack a code or launch certain tests? The Cybersecurity badge will open the doors for this type of exploration. Maybe making movies, learning digital basics, and editing is your thing. If so, go for the Digital Movie Maker badge. Another super exciting STEM badge is the Robotics badge. Create prototypes and explore solutions to test your prototype. Robotics is the wave of the future!

Even with technological advances, it’s important to have beneficial life skills. Learning First-Aid and Babysitting skills can prevent injuries or even save a life.  

While this is a mere highlight of the badges that I think are exciting and worth it, remember all Girl Scout badges are challenging, explorative, and action packed. Just get started and have lots of fun!

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