By: Kailey G.

This list is filled with fun activities to do when you're home and just don't know what to do. Hope this list inspires some fun! 

Do a foot soak and paint your nails

Having a mini spa day at home will calm you down from the school pressure. Some things that are great for foot soaks are epsom salt, your favorite oil scent, candles, a sweet treat, and your favoriteTV show to keep the fun going. 

By the time you're done you will look and feel beautiful.

Bake a yummy treat

I love baking so much, because I have fun while baking and I get a yummy snack out of it. One of my favorite things to make is chocolate chip cookies. You can go to the grocery store and get the premade dough and bake it l or you can make your own dough. You choose what is best for you!

Make a playlist

Music can make any day better. You can have a rockin’ good time when you create a playlist with all of your favorite songs. And as long as you're not too loud a concert in your room is an awesome idea too.

Make a craft

You can make an easy craft. It can be something super useful or something just for fun. Some things you can make are bracelets, necklaces, rings, vision boards, collages, stickers, and much more.

Call your friends 

Having even a small call with your friends can lift your mood a ton. You can talk about what happened during the week, what you're doing on the weekend, or have a dance party together. The possibilities are endless.

Have a fashion show

If you want to be a model or love fashion this is something to do. You can put on your favorite outfits and strut around your room like you are in front of millions of your fans! Don't forget to pick your perfect runway music. 

Have a picnic

Pack your food in containers, put them in a bag, and plop on a towel in your backyard. You can have a picnic with your family, friends, or even by yourself. Either way it's so fun to enjoy the great outdoors.


There are many benefits to exercising. You can get stronger and healthier. There are lots of different types of exercise too. You can dance, run, do cardio, walk, play a sport, and much more. All of these can give you a great workout.

I hope with my activities you have new ideas for fun without having to leave home! 

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