the cycle begins 

By: Kylie J. 

growing up in a burning home

the smoke suffocates 

all consuming fire licks the back of my throat 

i remain still however

 too scared to touch the door handle in fear of burns 

instead i let the flames engulf me

encapsulated in its arms

the ground threatening to crack beneath my feet

opening up and swallowing me into the abyss 

i beg for a brighter light

but when shone upon i shield my eyes for it burns 

the rage of the fire begs for something beyond 

something visceral 

so i dance in the flames 

swallow them whole

ignorance to the burning sensation 

swallow it until i’m full

cough it up 

become the flames i was born in

carry the weight of a thousand women burdens that stay hidden in the rage of a burning home 

suffocate the child and never mourn the loss

my end is now 

let the cycle start again 

it’s decided by the creator of the universe that we shall hold and embody the path in which we all become the creators of the flames 

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