By: Kyndra J.

If you’re a person who doesn’t watch the news but you love to keep our earth safe and clean, you need to read this about the Willow Project. 

What is the Willow Project exactly? 

Well, it’s a project that passed to allow ConocoPhillips, an oil and gas exploration company, to pump up to 600 million barrels of oil out of Alaska's North Slope. This project could release up to 9.2 million metric tons of carbon pollution into the air

This can kill animals and is also life-threatening to us! 

I believe the Willow Project will destroy animals' environments and can affect the food chain. This will impact our whole world. The carbon pollution could affect how we breathe and could harm our lungs more than the chemicals we already breathe daily. We already have factories burning fossil fuels which is already bad enough for us and our planet, but this project could change everything. 

The approval of the Willow project is huge and honestly just devastating to hear about.

I believe it will kill our people, trees, and our animals. 

Everything we need to survive will be harmed if drilling begins. 

What YOU can do to help!

Use your voice. Use your signature. Take action in your community.

Though it’s not much, just a simple gesture and signature on a petition can make a big difference. 

Instead of watching as our world is being torn apart, you can volunteer to help animals, recycle and just pick up litter. 

Instead of going on Instagram to watch fight videos look up how to help make the world a better place

We can do this if we work together to beat this project and help our planet.

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