By: Jordan T. 

  1. Give your characters unique names.

In most fantasy and fiction books, the main characters have unique names. When you give your characters unique names, it drives the reader to remember the characters. In addition, if the reader chooses to read a short summary of your story and the first thing they see are the names of the characters, they might be intrigued enough to read the novel because of the characters’ name. 

  1. Take your time.

It often feels like most modern authors don’t take their time when writing stories. This causes a story to be poorly written and makes it develop too fast for the reader to fully enjoy or understand. When you are writing a book, especially a fantasy or fiction novel, you have to be sure to take your time, so that your novel is written well. The pacing of your story is important.

  1. Start small, then get bigger.

When writing a fantasy or fiction novel, always start small and get bigger. Fantasy novels are often complex stories. In many modern fantasy and fiction novels, events start out too big. When you start your story out too big, you might not know how to develop your story further. In addition, your story could end up going south because other events can’t compare to your huge starting event. When you start small, you have room to build and continue to capture your reader’s attention. You can keep your reader interested and excited to read more.

  1. Study other fantasy works.

A good way to create your fantasy or fiction writing is by studying similar content. When studying other content, here are some things to observe: observe the way it is written, observe the way the characters act, notice how characters, settings, and events are described, and observe the names of different things (e.g., do they sound cool or are they in a different language?). These are critical to observe when studying a fantasy or fiction novel.

  1. Plan out your story.

When writing a story, you may be tempted to just jump in because you had an idea. When writing any novel, plan out the book. This will help so that you are not overwhelmed when you’re writing. It will also help you be a know-it-all when writing your novel. A good way to plan out your story is writing down details about your characters. List what their traits are, what they look like, what they do, what they like, and what role they play in the story. Next, move on to what happens. Plan out the events in your book. Knowing these things not only makes your writing smoother, it also helps you not leave plot holes. Additionally, it helps you see if an event is necessary or if it is just a page filler. 

  1. Create a Pinterest board.

If there is one key thing I’ve learned when writing, it’s that Pinterest is your best friend. Pinterest is a great way to get your ideas out. It can also help you know how you want your character to look. Having a visual of your character can help with your writing. It can also help you know what you want your world to look like. It can create some extra ideas for your story. 

  1. Write!

When it comes to fantasy and fiction writing, a key tip to appreciate is to actually write. When you are just beginning to write your book, just write. Get all of your ideas out on the page. Once you have finished, then go back and edit. When people edit as they go, they tend to forget the point of their writing and they may end up with sloppy and incomplete writing. It can make the writing process challenging. A good rule to follow - write (exhaustively), read (continuously), and repeat (consistently). 

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