As the summer comes to an end, we are so excited to share with you the Fall issue of the Lime Green Giraffe. As the first issue from the 2023-2024 staff, I’m sure you will find yourself learning from new voices as well as acquainting yourself with returning writers. 

Each year, our staff continues to grow and evolve, reflecting new interests and personalities. In LGG this year, we have writers, musicians, actors, artists, and athletes. Each of us brings to the table new perspectives and information that allow us to make our magazine as diverse and nuanced as possible. 

As time progresses, it becomes more important than ever for each person to use their voice. Our generation is being flooded with information from so many sources that it can be almost overwhelming. When one expresses themselves through writing, art, or poetry, they filter through the massive influx of data to identify who they are and what they believe. I often find myself looking through my past writing to see who I used to be and how I have grown since then. 

As you read through articles from Fun Stuff to Real Talk, I encourage you to listen for each author’s voice and maybe think about what your voice is saying through all the noise in the media.

We sincerely hope you enjoy reading our Fall issue.

-Jessica L.

Lime Green Giraffe Copy Editor

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