By Reema S.

I love you. 

My dog. 


You were my everything.

Waking up in the morning to run down the stairs and sit on your bed, 

bury my nose in your soft warm honey colored fur,

and hear your tail thump against the ground.

You had these dark chocolate eyes that just made me feel loved.

Taking you on walks

you would get so excited to sniff the weeds growing in the curb 

and to rub against the neighbors bush 

but you would always look back before continuing to walk 

to make sure I wasn't too far behind 

if I was, 

you would wait. 

The walks got slower 

your whiskers got grey 

and your infectious energy faded

but I would always get excited to run down in the morning 

to wake you up with pets  

and hear your tail thump.

until one day that stopped too. 

Here I am, 

8 years later writing about this as if 

you were right here next to me. 

You were in my heart since the moment I was born 

and it felt like you were ripped out of it in an instant. 

Sometimes I get mad at the fact that it has been 8 years. 

It should have been gone now. 

All the pain, the hurt, the love I never got to give you 

is in my head  

and in my heart 

since then 

and it will always be there.

But I am grateful

that you have given me the privilege 

to have experienced a love so deep. 

I loved you.

I love you. 

I will always love you. 

-one of your humans

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