By: Kyndra J. 

Perfect life

Maybe I’ll find a perfect life

And be the perfect wife 

To have a dog that knows a bunch of tricks 

And have a two story house 

With the perfect amount of kids 

The perfect husband that cooks with no Complaints 

To know want I want and what I need 

To read a bunch of books to my kids 

And let them fall asleep with my shoulder Supporting their heads 

To go to sleep and wake up to a kiss on my Forehead 

Maybe even breakfast in bed with French toast With the fruit on the side

And a container of syrup to lightly pour and Listen to the tide 

With a cup of tea at the perfect temperature Then hear lots of laughter coming from my Kids bed 

To see them running around house with toys in The hands 

To tie my husbands tie

And I hand him his keys while I stay home and Fold some sheets 

To come back and relive it all 

I’m happy to say this is my perfect life and the Perfect life I’ll never get

It’ll stay in my dreams tucked in tight

With my mother’s hand gripped tightly onto Mine.

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