By: Cameryn P. 

Dear 8th Grade Me, 


We finally made it. After four strenuous and long years of hard work and dedication, we made it. Not knowing what you would get yourself into, Girl Scouts has been your biggest life lesson and the mold that has allowed you to prosper as the individual you are today. 

As a Girl Scout Cadette, you acquired the skills to market yourself by selling cookies throughout your school and community. Although timid to attempt to market yourself, you were inspired by the older girls and their accomplishments to put yourself out there. 


Secondly, joining the Lime Green Giraffe has been your most significant and longest commitment to Girl Scouts. Writing has always piqued your interest, but you never had an outlet to fuel that interest before. Lime Green Giraffe provided tools to allow you to become a better writer and aid other girls in doing so. Lime Green Giraffe gave you the leadership to become the head of social media content and webmaster. Therefore, they made you comfortable in being versatile and allowed you to explore different aspects of yourself and how you can contribute to them to help advance the functionality of this community of girls. 


Additionally, you built a sisterhood with girls and allowed each other to collaborate to bring out the best of everyone’s artistic abilities. Holding diversity and inclusion webinars while facilitating writing workshops for girls across the globe helped you to be in tune with girls who take on multiple perspectives and topics of writing. Being a better writer was one aspect, but learning how to operate and collaborate in a group setting while having your voice heard through words has allowed you to pursue a major in creative writing. Marnye, Jo, and Melissa have broken you out of a fragile box you always put yourself in and allowed your fragility to be your most prominent aspect as a writer and a growing woman.  


Third, being a camp counselor for Girl Scouts was an eye-opening experience. You never assumed much of a leadership position until you were a leader of outdoor cooking. In doing so, you could learn how to synergize with other girls and learn new survival skills. To engage younger girls with the lesson and curriculum, you worked endlessly to present the best products, such as a light-up tri-fold board. Not only did these girls learn about Dutch oven cooking, but you learned alongside them. We also built a community of outdoor survivalists that allowed girls to explore the fundamentals of nature interactively and entertainingly, putting girls in an environment where males dominate. But I, alongside many other girls, are changing that narrative.  


Lastly, a new role you took on was a member of Miss Media. Miss Media has granted you the opportunity to indulge in my publication side of communications and broadcasting, a role that has interested me since middle school. As a member, the young actress in you came to life when we visited the Tyler Perry Studios, gaining an insider perspective on the production. Similarly, you are now a 2023 WICT Southeast speaker, a key component of putting yourself in uncomfortable positions to grow as a public speaker and network with distinguished women you aspire to be from all walks of life.  


  All in all, Girl Scouts has taught you the integral aspects of maintaining a kinship with girls passionate about changing the world and helping you do so. Being a Girl Scout does not make you feel like a girl in a male-dominated society. You’re just you and doing things you enjoy while positively impacting the community.  

Dear Senior Me,  


As a Senior now, I want to give a special shout-out to Marnye, Jo, and Melissa again for allowing me to be the author and woman I am today and for investing in girls like me who have a dream and making it more of a reality through the workshops and tools you have provided. Your dedication to young girls has not gone unappreciated, and you will always have a piece of my heart.


Signing out, 


Cameryn P.


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