Melissa, Marnye & JoAnne

Our Adult Volunteers!

Marnye H.  
"Life would be exceedingly boring if it took a linear path..." - Home Fires 

Dream interview? My Great-Great Grandmother Elma Lorimer Hall. She graduated from college in 1899 and went from Monmouth, Illinois to Walla Walla, Washington on her own to teach school. I would love to know what her experience was like traveling that far and living away from her parents at a time when young, unmarried women stayed at home. My first question to her would be "Who inspired you to be courageous?" because she has for sure inspired me. 

Melissa G.   
"The first problem for all of us... is not to learn, but to unlearn." - Gloria Steinem 
Dream interview? Emma Watson. Which person or persons have been most influential in your growth as a feminist? 

JoAnne O. 

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