By: Pooja D.

2013 Lime Green Giraffe Copy Editor

1. From Harry Potter, people have learned to never give up and they have learned the importance of friendship.  This story is about a boy who thought he was ordinary, but then learns that he is actually a wizard.  He is a legend in his world, and everyone in the “wizarding” community is expecting him to defeat evil once and for all.  He is only a child throughout his whole journey, yet he never complains.  He has close friends and amazing mentors who guide him all the way to the end.  He doubts himself at times, but his friends are there to aid him when he needs them.  Harry taught us to keep on fighting because everyone has “something worth fighting for” (The Order of the Phoenix).

2.    The Harry Potter series has also taught people about fear. In The Chamber of Secrets
Hermione says, “Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself”.  This is an important lesson that everyone should remember.  In the series, the name “Voldemort” inspires fear in everyone and it is this fear that makes him seem villainous.  Harry is the only one in the series, besides Dumbledore, who is not afraid to say Voldemort.  They are also the only two people that frighten Voldemort.  Dumbledore and Harry always call Voldemort by his name. They do not make his name any more significant than anyone else’s name by calling him titles such as “The Dark Lord.”  Harry and Dumbledore, see Voldemort as simply another person, a very evil person and someone who can be destroyed.

3.    In the Lord of the Rings, people realize that “even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”  One does not have to be the tallest or the best at something to capture the world’s attention.  One just has to be determined to make a change and one must be willing to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve that goal.  Throughout the Lord of the Rings, Frodo, who is only stands four-feet tall, does what everyone thought to be impossible and destroys the evil in the world.  It does not matter that he is not tall or knows how to use any weapons; he has a kind heart, a determined spirit, and a loyal friend that helps him on his quest.  Frodo does his part just like the other characters.  He takes a chance and he is successful; therefore what are we waiting for?
4.    From the Walt Disney movie Brave, people have learned the meaning of family.  Merida, the young princess, wishes to change her fate. She wishes for a mother who would let her do what she wants.  However, when a spell goes bad and her mother is changed into a bear, Merida realizes how much she loves and needs her mother.  Merida does everything she can in order to change her mother back into a human and we see her grow closer to her family in the process of trying reverse the spell.  She asks the watchers the question: “If you were given the chance to change your fate, would ya?”  I think the answer to the question is, do not blindly accept your fate but try to change it; but at the same time, do not get carried away and cause harm to others in the process of making your life better.
5.    In the Walt Disney movie, Tangled, people learn to follow their dreams.  Everyone has a dream, and people live their lives trying to accomplish them.  Dreams can be accomplished in a matter of months or in years.  However, people have to work to achieve their dreams.  One cannot just sit down and wait for their dream to magically happen; one must work for it.  This is just what Rapunzel does in the movie.  She sees an opportunity to achieve her dream to see the floating lanterns and takes it.  She learns more about herself on this journey than she has in the past 18 years of her life.  She also experiences so many different adventures, finds out who she is the princess, and finds true love.  If she had not taken the opportunity when it presented itself, she would still be locked in a tower.  The most important message in this movie though is near the end of the film.  Rapunzel was distressed moments before her dream come true.  She was worried about what to do after she saw her dream.  The response: “you get to find a new dream.”  As one dream ends, another one begins.  One can never run out of dreams, one just has to keep chasing them one after the other.

6.    Another inspiring movie in my opinion is The Dead Poets Society.  This movie teaches people about the difference between conformity and nonconformity.  Conformity is when one follows the rules and does not act against them.  Nonconformity is when one goes against the rules.  Throughout the movie, the teacher Mr. Keating teaches his students about nonconformity.  Most importantly though, he teaches his students to think for themselves and not to listen to or accept society’s opinions.  People must have their own individual thoughts and if people conform to society then nothing will ever get done.  Mr. Keating helps the students understand that there is more to life than rules and inspires them to follow their dreams.  

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