By Kara S.

Picture this: you and your robotics team are standing at the judges’ table. You have just won a big competition! The crowd is applauding like crazy, and you and your team are so proud of each other and all of the hard work each of you have put in to make this competition a successful one.

That is what has been happening for the RoboChicks, one of Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta’s own robotics teams. The RoboChicks team consists of Brittany C., Destiny A., Leah S., Madison K., Natalie N., Mackenzie P., and Ashley O. These girls have been working together for months now preparing for the three most recent competitions they participated in.

But before they can compete, there is so much the RoboChicks put in to preparing. They meet every chance they can right before competitions. They repeatedly run through table runs with the robots and work on their presentation for the judges. Because they do so many run-throughs, they won’t have as many nerves on competition day.

At competitions, they mainly present to three categories of judges, including innovative solution project, core values (how well they work with others), and robot design and program judging. After they face those three judges, they move on to the table rounds. They are there to mainly show off their robotic skills, but they also have a lot of fun!

The first competition this season was the Qualifier at BEST Academy in December. They won the first place Champions Award. They then moved on to the Super Regionals at Columbus State University in January, where they won the Innovative Solution Award. After that, they finished their season at Georgia Tech State Competition in January. There, they won all medals!!! They are already working on the Moonbots Challenge, which challenges teams to design, create, and program robots to simulate lunar missions.

In addition to robotic skills, the girls of RoboChicks work on “coopertition”, which is doing your best while helping are sharing with others. This means that the teams they compete against are they friends, not just their competitors. Madison K. is one of the dedicated RoboChicks. She says, “I love getting together with my RoboChick sisters and coming up with wacky ideas that might just change the world.” 

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