By: Edie W.
2014 LGG Copy Editor
Fall is here, and with Fall 2014 comes the 10th anniversary issue of Lime Green Giraffe! In this issue, you’ll read many exciting articles, including personal stories, embarrassing pet moments, and how to make your own muscle shirt.
            In one personal piece, one of our reporters interviews a guidance counselor about how Girl Scouts changed her life for the better. She shares how she learned to have courage, confidence, and character- the three parts of the Girl Scout mission!
            In How Not to Write an Article, LGG’er Madison spills the beans on what it’s like to be a reporter for Lime Green Giraffe, and just how hard it is to get a story for the magazine.
            Finally, this issue marks the unveiling of LGG’s 10th Anniversary writing contest! The winners will be posted in our February issue, so be sure to enter this fun challenge for a chance to earn awesome prizes and see your work posted in the Lime Green GiraffeHere's a link to the contest details. 
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Model Shout-Out!

Thanks to all of our wonderful models in our May photo shoot! We had a great time working with you, and hope you had fun!
Here are all of the girls who helped us make this issue’s photos:

Isabella F.
Pearl H.
Catie C.
Sherry S.
Simone D.
Emily S.
Marinda H.
Megan N.
Natalie N.
Madison K.
Riley T.
Epiphany H.

If you would like to be part of our October 2014 photo shoot, please stay in contact with us though social media. Remember this opportunity is only for registered GSGATL Girl Scouts in the 6th-12th grades.

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