By: Joyce S.
 “Hey Lori, that’s him, over on the bench,” I announce. My friend glances over at the man.

“So what, it’s some random dude reading the newspaper,” she replies.

“But that same guy sits there every day doing the same thing. Doesn’t that seem, I don’t know, kinda weird.”

“Maybe he just really likes newspapers? It’s Central Park Blair, you’re allowed to read.” Lori rolls her eyes.

“No, that’s thing, he reads the same paper every day and gets here as soon as we get here and leaves as soon as we leave.”

“Ok that’s sort of weird but we’re a bunch of nobodies. Why would he be stalking us?”

“I don’t know why, that’s what scares me.”

Eventually, the humidity of the morning drives Lori and me out of the park, and of course, the newspaper guy leaves too. Once I see the man turn the corner I turn to Lori. “You know, I’m gonna follow that guy.” I say casually.

“WHAT?! Don’t be an idiot. There is absolutely, no way, whatsoever that we are going to stalk a weirdo! I think the rain is messing with your brain; we’re going back to the apartment.”

Lori then turns and heads back to our foster home but when her back is turned I do the dumbest thing I have ever done in my life.

I turn around too and follow her home.
I’m not looking forward to talking to the boss after this morning. I failed my mission and I’m not ready to accept the consequences. Well maybe I can try again? But that wouldn’t work, I ‘m miles away from the park and I saw the girls leave. One of them is already becoming suspicious of me and my plan would’ve worked on her if the other girl hadn’t intervened. But, I need both of them, alive. Being subtle isn’t working; I have to take them by force.
            John walks into my office, without knocking, which means something is seriously wrong. He is an incompetent fool; I don’t know why I sent him to handle the most important job of the year. “Well, if it isn’t my least favorite person, what did you completely mess up this time?” I scoff. I loathe John, but sadly, his skills are necessary for my team.

“Boss, I uh…..”

“You didn’t get the girls did you? Moron. How do you get out smarted by two 15-year-old girls? The amount of stupidity you bring into this room is harmful to my health.”

I have only two more days until time is up. I need those girls. I need my daughters back.
            My hand is on the doorknob. Hair combed, teeth brushed, phone in pocket, leashes in hand. I’m completely ready to go dog walking with Blair, but something just doesn’t feel right. I have that feeling that you’re not supposed to ignore. You’re supposed to listen to it and trust it. That feeling that tells you something really bad is going to happen. But what could happen while dog walking, right? Right?! I don’t know what else to do so I turn the knob and push the door open. I look straight forward, room 5c, right across the hall from mine. Five steps later I find myself knocking on Blair’s door. “You ready yet?” I call.

“Yes, uh, well,”

Blair and I have been best friends since we were toddlers. We’ve always lived right across the hall from each other in the foster home, but wow, she is literally the most unorganized person ever!

“Have you seen my shoes anywhere,” she hollers.

“Just wear your other ones!”

“But I can’t find any of them!’

“Whatever, I’m leaving.”

“Wait, wait found some. Let’s go”.

Three dogs in each hand, 12 dogs total, 100 bucks in one day split 50/50, best deal ever! “I love this job,” Blair mentions.

“I know right, It’s…” Foo-Foo the poodle is sniffing around a bush but suddenly, Foo-Foo disappears into the bush! Something or someone just…just snatched him.

Blair shrieks, “DID YOU JUST SEE THAT!? OH MY GOSH, FOO-FOO!!” Both of us franticly search the bush for the fluffy poodle, but all we find is a hole, or maybe a tunnel.

“What the heck?” Blair mutters. “Foo-Foo?” She calls down the hole.

“That’s it, I’m calling the police, or animal control, or the tunnel patrol, or whoever you call when A POODLE FALLS DOWN A GIANT HOLE!” I yell.

“Well… maybe, we should jump down.”

“WHAT! No way we need to get help and if we did jump who would watch the dogs I mean it’s totally stupid to just…“

Blair snatches the dogs out of my hands and turns to some old lady.

“Here, hold these, “she says.

The next thing I see is Blair’s red hair flowing near the top of the hole and her hand on my ankle pulling me down with her. So basically, my best friend just dragged me down a hole.

Maybe this plan wasn’t the best idea. I’m looking around my underground bunker and all I see that was sucked up by my vacuum hole is a bunch of leaves, squirrels, and one cranky poodle. When this poodle arrived he landed right on top of my head and barked like crazy. Now he is in a crate because he won’t corporate.

When I applied for this job, I didn’t expect to be attacked by animals every five minutes. I give up! I’m never going to find those girls. And then something lands with a loud thump on my back.

Whatever landed on top of me screams, “Lori! OMG this is AWESOME! I bet we are in the Bat Cave or something!” The girls! They fell for it! I can’t believe it!

“Please get off my back,” I mumble.

“What! Who said that? Oh, oops, sorry mysterious stranger we didn’t know we were on you.” The two of them roll onto the floor.

“What is this place?” One asks. I stand up and turn towards the girls.

“This your new home.”
When the guy we just landed on told us we found our home, I had no idea how to react. I’ve been an orphan since I was three and those would usually be the words I would love to hear, but this is just creepy.

“What….what do you mean,” Lori stammers. “I mean, no one ever told us we were being adopted!”

“What I mean is, I work for your mom. By the way, I’m John.”

“So you know Lori’s mom? What about mine? I thought our mothers were dead?”

“You two are twins.”

“WHAT?!” we both cry in unison.

“Just follow me, “John says.

Normally, I wouldn’t follow some strange man I just met after falling down a hole, but I was pretty curious. He led us out of the bunker to a pair of titanium doors.

“5c, 6c, 4863,” John recites. Slowly the doors open.

“Wait. Those are our room numbers and the foster home address, have you been watching us?” I ask.

“Yep, every day.”

We step through the doors to find a huge room full of flat screen TVs and high-tech devices. There is a lady standing on the other side of the room.

“Blair! Lori! I haven’t seen you two in ages,” she smiles. “How do you to feel about joining the CIA with your mom, me, as the director!”

To be continued in August 2015!

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