By: Emily B.
            Most people go on YouTube to find funny videos that their friends talk about or to look up
how to do designs on nails and how to style your hair. That’s all cool stuff, but YouTube has very inspirational videos too. These three videos will give you tears in your eyes for sure!

            What does it mean to do something “like a girl”? People use this term in very negative ways. Always, feminine hygiene product manufacture, made a video asking girls this same question. They asked young and older girls to show what they thought this meant. The older girls demonstrated “running like a girl.” You can see them acting prissy and worrying about their hair, but when the younger girls did the same activity you see that they were running as fast and as hard as they could. Always wanted to show how using the term “like a girl” can lower a girl’s self-confidence during the hard time of growing up. So let’s make “like a girl” mean something great, because it takes a girl to make a difference!
            A little kid can make a great inspirational video just as well as older people can. This video has been shared millions of times. You know him, as the Kid President! In this video you see him start out saying “I think we all need a pep talk!” He tells everyone do something that would make the world awesome. Not only is he cute but also has a great sense of humor. He makes you laugh throughout the whole video. Notice that throughout the video he really shows his personality and isn’t afraid to be himself. He certainly did something that made the world awesome!
            The last video has inspirational written all over it! “It’s called an inspirational video everyone should live by.” This video is about a young boy who steals medicine and gets caught. A man comes up to him and asks if his mom is sick and the boy nods his head. The man then pays for the medicine and gives him some soup. 30 years later the man that paid for the medicine has a heart attack in his soup shop. You’ll have to watch the video to figure out the ending. It’s a Thai video so make sure you read the captions. The video shows how long one good deed can last you.

            So next time you go on YouTube, search for inspirational videos instead of funny just to watch something different for a change, because YouTube is more than just funny!

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