By: Jaelyn W.

Are you struggling with keeping your school life organized? Well, here are some tips to keep your studies in order.
1. Use colors! Get a different color binder or folder for each subject and stick with that color for the year. This way you wont get confused on which color is for which subject.
2. Use Dividers! Dividers help organize your binders into different sections with no problem. Searching for a specific part of your notebook? Just flip to it really quickly using dividers!
3. Sticky notes! Write lists on sticky notes and stick them anywhere you like, in your books or in locker, and refer back to them whenever you need them.
4. Get a calendar! Calendars help you keep all you due dates organized. It is great to get a wall calendar and post it on the wall near your desk where you do your homework so you wont forget when your projects are due.
5. Get An Agenda! An agenda, a calendar that you carry with you, helps you keep up with all your classes and assignments for the week!
6. Note card folder! If you have to write a lot of essays, a note card folder is perfect for losing all your notes.
7. Simplify! There isn’t any reason to store unnecessary notes and papers that you don’t need. Just throw them out!

8. Manage your time wisely! You know when the assignment needs to be turned in, don’t wait till the last minute to do it!

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