By: Avery B.

            There is a saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul. But did you know they also give hints about your personality? Depending on your eye color, people can interpret you as kind or fiery, trustworthy or observant. Take a look at the traits below and comment what you think!
            Let’s start with the most common eye color, and no, it’s not blue! Brown-eyed people are perceived as independent and self-confident, as well as determined, caring, and practical. Another main characteristic linked with brown eyes is trustworthiness, and those with this toffee eye color are known to help those they love who are in need. Additionally, brown eyes can create a feeling of security and simplicity.
            While brown eyes can be captivating, hazel eyes add another dimension to the color by layering green and other colors together. People with hazel eyes are spontaneous and won’t back down easily. They are adventurous and adapt easily to any situation, while also getting bored quickly. This makes them love to try new things and enjoy diversity! Interestingly, if you have hazel eyes with more green, you could be more mischievous, while if you have more brown in your hazel mix, you are thought of as more approachable.
            Jade, forest, emerald are specific names for green eyes. People who have them are thought of as curious and passionate, as well as creative and intelligent. Also, they are assumed to get jealous easily, but have a great ability to love. Because green eyes are one of the most uncommon eye colors, they are considered mysterious.
As long as we are on the topic of rare eye colors, we have to mention black! True black eyes are really unique because most who claim to have black eyes are just dark brown. People with black eyes are thought of as secretive and more introverted until you get to know them, and they are passionate, loyal, and responsible. Plus, people with eyes the color of the night are said to know how to show their worth to others.
 Who can resist amber eyes, the color of warm cider? People with amber eyes can appear to be reserved, but most often they are extroverts and comfortable in social settings. They are charming and warm, and are thought to be very creative.
The traits of wisdom, gentleness, and sensitivity are generally linked with one certain eye color…If you said grey eyes, you are correct! People with smoky eyes are thought to be natural leaders who are passionate and flexible. They have great inner strength as well as an ability to think analytically.
Finally we have arrived at one of the favorite eye colors: blue! Blue eyes are generally associated with youth, knowledge, and a calm and peaceful attitude. People who possess this eye color have a desire to make others happy and are energetic. Also, they are known to be committed, honest, and observant.

            How accurate were the traits for your eye color? Are you as spunky as your green eyes predict? Do your blue eyes portray you as calm when you’re all over the place? Let me know below if the supposed traits are on point or far from exact!

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