By: Emma B.
We see it everywhere in the modern world, the lie that someone needs to fit in with someone’s standards. It’s different for everyone but in the end the goal is the same.
“I want to impress my teacher.”
“ I want to impress William.”
“I want to impress the cool girls.”
These are all different takes on the same common theme and personally I think it’s so wrong. Why should you try to adapt to someone’s standards when we can create our own? This is exactly why I’m counting down the Top 9 Reasons You Need to Be Yourself and stop trying to impress others.

#9: Entertainment
If you’re so worried about impressing people then you may suddenly stop watching your favorite T.V. shows and movies that you previously enjoyed. This is bad because without having something to enjoy in those precious moments of free time you loose “me time.” Which brings me to my next point.

#8: Hobbies
Similar to television shows, if you’re so focused on impressing people you might stop enjoying your hobbies. However the reason this is a bit more important is because without hobbies; you can’t grow as a person. For example if you suddenly stop enjoying a hobby to impress someone, an entire career choice just might fly out the window.

#7: Blending In
Don’t do it. As much as Hollywood doesn’t like to admit it, I think the true way to fit in is to be different. Because the more like a Hollywood clone of someone else you become, the more you loose your uniqueness and the more likely people aren’t going to like you. If you become a close of someone you won’t be natural and people will notice this and the bullies could start to make fun of you.

#6: Creativity
If you stay true to yourself, then you’re more likely to be creative. This can lead to you being a valuable problem solver. This can also mean people will want to team up with you and by extension also means more opportunities to make friends.

#5: Friendships
If people always think of you as someone existing only to copy someone else, then no one else will want to like you. Trust me when I say people think you’re not as great when you try to impress someone else. Not only that but it worries your friends and family you already have because they don’t want to lose the great person you are.

#4: Loneliness
If throughout middle and high school you’re constantly in a state of trying to impress someone, by collage you may not even know who you are anymore. This can lead to a rather lonely future because you have lost your own interest and passions.

#3: Bullying
If you’re trying to impress someone this can lead to bullying issues. These can range from you being the target of bullies to even you bullying other people.

#2: Mental Disorders
If you get caught trying to impress someone else, then you could be vulnerable to mental issues. For example, you could develop an eating disorder by trying to fit in with other people. This is crazy. And an eating disorder is just one of the mental health problems that could develop. So. BE YOURSELF!

#1: Freedom
Every reason I listed above all leads to one single word, freedom. If you try to be someone else, you’re in a cage. If you try to adapt to someone else’s standards you will lose everything about you. This is why you need to be yourself always because if you’re not then you will be forever chained. That’s why I like to be myself, so that I can be free and human.

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