By: Joyce S.

This personality quiz consists of 10 questions, so grab a piece of paper and write down the letter answers to the questions as you go along. And remember, this is for fun!!

1) How would you describe your friends?
A: I am friends with a lot of people; I don’t really have just one certain group.
B: I have a few groups of friends, but they don’t really blend much.
C: I have one group of close friends.

2) Do you make friends easily?
A: Yes, I can talk to people easily.
B: Yes, but I usually don’t introduce myself first.
C: Not really.

3) What do you do when you’re bored?
A: I try to hang out with friends or go somewhere with my family. I don’t like being bored.
B: I usually either hang out with friends or just relax.
C: I watch TV or listen to music; I don’t like to go out all the time.

4) Are you a talker?
A: Kinda. I need to listen more.
B: I think I have a good balance between talking and listening.
C: No, not at all, but I’m a really good listener.

5) Do you feel comfortable trying new things?
A: Definitely! It’s exciting!
B: Sorta, it depends on what it is.
C: No, not really. I like my comfort zone, hence the comfort part.

6) Are you the type of person who would introduce yourself to the new kid?
A: Definitely, everyone could use a friend.
B: I probably wouldn’t say “hi” first, but I would talk to them when I had the chance.
C: No, I think it would be kind of awkward.

7) Do you tend to open up to people the more you get to know them?
A: Not really, I’m kind of already an open book.
B: Yeah, the more I get to know someone, the more comfortable I am around him or her.
C: Yes, but it takes me a while to really open up.

8) Do you like to travel?
A: Yeah! It’s so interesting to see different places!
B: Yes, but sometimes it’s nice to just stay home.
C: I prefer staying home.

9) Are you observant?
A: No, not really, I kind of get distracted.
B: Kind of, but I should pay attention more.
C: Yes, I find observing things interesting.

10) Do you consider yourself a planner?
A: No
B: Sort of
C: Yes! I plan everything.


If you got mostly A’s you are an Extrovert! You are comfortable in social situations and enjoy meeting new people. You also like to trying new things, a lot. Extroverts aren’t always the “look before you leap” kind of people, but they enjoy jumping into things head on.

If you got mostly B’s you are an Ambivert! This means that you are both extroverted and introverted. You have a great balance between the two personalities.

If you got mostly C’s you are an Introvert! Being an introvert is a good thing. You tend to be less comfortable in social situations. You still have your own group of friends, and you are a very good planner. You are also a great listener.

Remember, no matter what your result is you have a unique personality! Extroverts, Introverts, and Ambiverts all have their positives and faults. Just always be yourself and be proud of how you are!

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