By: Emma B. 
Disney movies, something that exist throughout the entire modern world and with which people have set their alliances strong. So after a little fan-girl argument, we collectively amongst the staff decided upon our favorite Disney films. So now for the fun of reliving our precious childhood memories, I recollect the favorite picks amongst the staff. (Some spoiler alerts ahead!)
10. The Original Cinderella 
Cinderella is a deep classic and for many people is their first Disney movie. It was one of my first and it is very good. The story of a poor girl getting to go the ball because of her fairy-godmother is world famous, even in countries that don’t have access to that many Disney movies. The animation is very good for the time and is a very entertaining movie all the way through. However the music wins the prize in this movie. 
9. Big Hero 6: 
Okay, this may not be my favorite Disney movie, but by goodness is it awesome! Not only does the futuristic setting make this movie fresh and new but it also tackles serious issues very well might I add. For one the death of Tadashi is soul-crushing and also sets up a great arch for Hiro. Not only is that but Baymex absolutely adorable.  
8. Spirited Away: 
Okay, now I know exactly what the heck you’re thinking “but Spirited Away isn’t Disney” well it actually is, so sit down and calm down you can all relax. Now this movie; is very unique not just in its execution but in its morals as well. Without spoilers it is both creepy and peaceful.  
7. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 
Oh this movie, this movie is amazing and is probably my 2nd favorite Disney movie. But while I’m in denial that I can’t put this in number two I have to talk about it. This movie is cross-over murder movie, with cartoon characters. However it doesn’t play itself very seriously so actually it comes more off for laughs than it does drama, however the dramatic moments are fantastic. Also, once again without spoilers, this movie wins the award for most awful Disney death scene. 
6. Fantasia: 
This film is beauty; everyone should see this movie at least once. The animation is some of the best that Disney has ever produced. It also has the most emotional moments in any Disney film I’ve ever seen. Not to mention the ending act is perfect. Also it is one of the few Disney movies that have no main or side characters.  
5. The Little Mermaid 
The Little Mermaid is the beginning of the Disney’s 90’s boom and is considered the first movie of the Disney’s 90’s era; however Roger Rabbit deserves that right much better. Once again, disregarding my denial, The Little Mermaid was a good movie and also was the first Disney film to have a proactive female protagonist. Now she is kind of bland (in my opinion) but still, the fact that she does stuff is enough, especially for the early 90’s.  
4: Toy Story: 
Toy Story was the first Pixar film ever made and boy howdy does it sell. Not only does it sell a ton of merchandise but its stories are pretty good too. The story of a bunch of toys coming to life is a classic on its own but the humor and emotion of this film makes it like no other. Truly this is a great Pixar movie; however, the next entry on this list might blow it out of the water by a long shot.  
3: Inside Out 
Inside Out is an emotional movie, without even trying too, well kind of. The characters of the emotions really make this film an amazing picture. Another thing that makes this film unique is the character of Joy, her one sidedness and her determined spirit make the climax of this film so amazing and has earned the crown of best Pixar film of all time.  
2: Frozen: 
Now I probably lost half of you just by mentioning this movie but truly this is a brilliant film. Part of the reason its songs are played over and over is because of its brilliance. The story is truly in a class of its own and not just that but the animation is beautiful. Every snow-flake is perfectly detailed and every scene makes you feel like you’re in a cold frozen forest full of beautiful trees.  
1: The Lion King 
This movie is huge, that goes without saying. The animation makes the scenery feel real and open, like a huge plain is suddenly opening in front of you. The story is also very huge too, most critics agree on this. Finally, whether you’ve seen this movie or not, who could ever forget the moral of the film.  

Now in conclusion, this is only the staff’s favorite movies, heck, if I was in charge of this list Fantasia would be Number 1 in a heart-beat. But if you like a Disney film that didn’t make it too the list, leave it in the comments, who knows I might review it. Also, if you want me to list my favorite Disney movies or anyone else’s share around this magazine. And remembernever grow up 

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