By: Lime Green Giraffe Social Media Director, Alyssa N.

PopSockets! What are they? You have seen them. They are the accessory that your friends have on the back of their phones that pop out and create a little handle. PopSocket get it? According to the PopSocket website, PopSockets are “little life changers.”
Are they really? here’s a pro & con list to help you decide.

Pro (AKA: The Good)
1.  You can prop your phone up while watching a video, texting, lots of stuff.

2. You will never to drop your phone or maybe more accurately, there’s a possibility that you will drop your phone less. Because who never drops their phone?

3. You can use them to steady your shots while filming a or a Snapchat video.

4. They look amazing!

5. They are a popular trend that might last longer than the fidget spinner craze.

6. They are easy to take off and reattach. How? Just work your fingernails under the base and pull the PopSocket off slowly,

10. Each PopSocket costs about $10 dollars. Which is better? Paying like 10 bucks for a PopSocket or whole bunch of $$$ for a Samsung, Android or iPhone?

Cons (
AKA:The Bad)
1. I wouldn't say that PopSockets are totally compatible with all phones.

2. A PopSocket doesn't have much protection for your phone like a screen protector or a case. So, if you only have a PopSocket, there is nothing protecting your phone.

My Conclusion:
My opinion is that PopSockets are amazing and my friends love them. Perhaps, you should try one before there is a new trend, like a button that can make your phone can float or something?

Still not sure what PopSocket to try? Click here to take our PopSocket Personality Quiz created by fellow Lime Green Giraffe staff member, Mimi M.

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