Dear Reader, 

This is not really something we normally do at the Lime Green Giraffe, but in this crazy time, we thought we could provide a special issue in response to Covid-19. Normally, we would have our first issue published in August (Don’t worry we will still publish in August so keep an eye out for that.) But, like I said, this is a special issue in response to Covid-19, this is also our first piece from the 2020 Staff!  
I know that everyone has different feelings related to the changes that we are experiencing, so I hope this special issue helps you.  
This issue includes the following: 
Cooking with Kennedy -- Quarantine Edition! 
A poem by Emma B. 

We want to also give a shout-out to Mimi M. + Lea M. for their artwork. 

We hope you are all staying safe and we hope you enjoy our special issue! 

Your Girl Scout Sister, 

Maggie E. 
Lime Green Giraffe Staff 2020 

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