By: Kylie

Decorating a room can involve lots of creativity and you can turn your space into the room you dreamt of. The personalized room decor can make your room even more special. With the craft I’m about to show you, you can make multiple posters. So today I will teach you how to make your own DIY posters to spice up your room!

Materials you will need :

  • White paper of preferred size

  • Laminator machine

  • Laminator sheets

  • Scissors 

  • Printer

  • Tape


  1. Start by heating up your laminator. With the white paper of your preferred size, print out a picture that you want to use for your poster.

  2. Take out a laminating sheet and insert the printed-out image inside. Insert the image into your laminating machine and follow the instructions on your machine.

  3. After it has been laminated, cut off any of the plastic surrounding it.

  4. Tape the poster anywhere on your walls and you’re done!

You now have DIY posters that you can put anywhere. 

Here’s the link for everything used:

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