By Maya S.

Are you lonely and want a pet but your parents say you can’t have one? Well, same here. My dad is allergic to animals, and I have wanted a pet for years. So, what is the most logical thing you can think of besides stuffed animals (which helps a lot!)? And no, it’s not wait until you live alone, adopt a whole bunch of animals (dogs in my case), and forever be known as the crazy animal person with 20 pets. Think again, it’s… 

Pet rocks!

(Insert airhorn noises here)

Here are the steps on how to make pet rocks (to be more specific, gnomes):

1. Find some rocks (easy enough). Be sure to wash them before painting. Also be sure to dry them!

2. Get your paint supplies. I advise acrylic paint for this because it won’t wash away. Wear an apron or clothing you’re okay with getting paint on. To keep my counter from getting dirty, I used my mom’s old cutting board. You can use newspaper or old cardboard as well. 

3. Get your paint brushes. I used many different types. I would advise a sponge brush, a small one for fine details, and a larger one for spreading paint.

4. Use a sponge brush for the bottom layer. I used a light brown color to make the “skin.” 

5. Add “clothes.” I painted on a hat and shirt. You can paint on hair as well if you want. But since I am lazy (and can’t draw hair) I went with just a hat. 

6. Now add detail (use the smaller brush for this). I added ears, eyes, a mouth (I hope they aren’t a talker!), nose, and blush. I also added little buttons on his shirt.

7. You’re done! Wait for it to dry and you have your little gnome. You can make more gnomes and name them all Sir Pete Waffle the Third (just me? Okay!). Well, the point is you can name them. You can put them in plants and make little homes like I did. I also made pets (pets for your pet rocks… ironic, right?).

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