By Jaclyn M.

Are you traveling to Savannah, Georgia? Savannah is a great city. You will have a great time even if you go alone but this list is specifically made for things to do with your Girl Scout troop! To make sure your trip is a success, I have made a guide of things I did with my troop. Each activity has a small review. I even included where we stayed. 

I highly recommend everything on this list and our entire troop does too, here are the highlights.

Where to Stay: Juliette’s Cottage

For our group of 4 people (2 girls, 2 moms), we stayed at Girl Scout Camp Low on Rose Dhu Island. We booked the “Juliette’s Cottage” for $60 a night. It has two small bedrooms, a living room, and even a full kitchen. Everything was clean when we arrived, and it was a great experience. 

The scenery is also beautiful. If you have ever read the book “Wings” by E.D. Baker, you will recognize the view going over the bridge to the island as Lamia Lou’s grass field! In addition to the beautiful marsh there were also activities at Camp Low, such as kayaking, a swimming pool, and bike rentals. If you plan to do these activities, make sure you are prepared by having one of the adults in your troop do a certification class as per Girl Scout rules; you have to have a lifeguard certification for the pool, and small water safety certification for kayaking and paddle boats. 

The cottage has a fire ring and we even saw an armadillo multiple times! The cottage says it sleeps 10, but I would not recommend it. You would have to put a few mattresses on the ground and constantly be stepping over people. 6-8 is probably the most the cottage can comfortably fit. 

You can even leave a small rock or something from your troop on the mantle. If you do stay here, see if you can find the Savannah travel guide and piece of paper my troop left! (Troop 17030)

Activity: Trolley Tour

We did this amazing hop-on hop-off trolley tour, if you plan it out, you can see a lot. They have historical characters, like James Oglethorpe the founder of Savannah, and others who come aboard for a short time to talk. Then the tour guide handles the rest. We hopped off at Forsyth Park, had a busy afternoon and lunch, then hopped back on at Telfair Square just before 4:30. That’s when the last trolley leaves. You can see a stone monument of the Girl Scout logo, that you may have seen in pictures, in Telfair Square. 

Activity: Juliette Gordon Low’s Birthplace

We took the 1-hour guided tour of Girl Scout Founder Juliette Gordon Low’s birthplace and it was great. You can see a quilt Juliette’s grandmother made and even the room where the first interest meeting for Girl Scouts was held. All in all, it was an amazing tour, and you can even take a picture with the statue of Juliette Gordon Low sitting on a bench in the garden.

Activity: Tybee Marine Center

The marine center is relatively small, however what really sets it apart are the programs. There are three programs you can book, the Turtle Talk, Beach Walk, and Sift ‘n Seine; we did the Sift ‘n Seine. The sifting was fun, and we found three little crabs that looked like jellyfish. Don’t be surprised if you don’t catch anything in the seining part. We were lucky enough to get one tiny 2 inch Florida minnow.

Activity: Lighthouse

There are some rules, so make sure you are prepared, but really it is just no drinks or food, and no purses, backpacks, or bags. The lighthouse itself is a 175-step hike up to the top. There are other things to do on the grounds as well. Such as watching the 12-minute video about the lighthouse and the lighthouse keeper’s family, and exploring the living history museum of the lighthouse keeper’s house where he lived with his family. A family donated their old toys, appliances, and other knick-knacks, so it makes a visit more interesting!

Activity: Dolphin Cruise

This was AMAZING and hands down everyone’s favorite part of the trip. Make sure to select the sunset cruise, it is a little more expensive, but well worth it. More dolphins come out in the evening. The captain made jokes and commentary and played music. Truly it would have been fun even without seeing dolphins, but it made it even more awesome that we spotted five dolphins, including a baby! We booked with Captain Derek’s Dolphin Adventure Tours.

Activity: Laurel Grove Cemetery 

This is a must see for Girl Scouts as Juliette is buried there with her family. You will see that some troops have left painted rocks and such on her grave as an offering. 

That is about it! Have a great trip to Savannah!

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